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Latrice, a native of Connecticut, stands as a pioneer who has triumphed over life's adversities to carve a path of empowerment and financial freedom. Her journey began at Norfolk State University, where she earned her undergraduate degree. From an early age, Latrice felt a calling to serve others, a sentiment that would guide her through a remarkable career.

For over 15 years, Latrice navigated the intricate landscape of mortgage origination and servicing within the banking industry. Her expertise spanned from working with A+ grade credit clients to those navigating the challenges of subprime lending. Latrice's natural gift for counseling not only facilitated smoother transactions but also alleviated the stress of even the most difficult financial experiences for all parties involved.

During this tenure, Latrice gained profound insights into the delicate interplay of credit, debt, and the effective utilization of financial resources to secure stability. Her understanding of these elements positioned her as a voice for the unheard, recognizing the transformative power that individuals hold within the economy. To Latrice, it was clear: we are the drivers, and it's time to take the wheel.

In 2019, Latrice embarked on a new chapter by becoming a Certified Financial Counselor. Armed with the knowledge and skills honed in the banking industry, she fused them with her innate compassion and an earnest desire to witness people achieve victory. Latrice's mission became centered on achieving equity in financial freedom, breaking the chains of poverty, and fostering stability for families.

Are you bankable?

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Know where your money goes

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know your credit story and what it is saying about you

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Financial Literacy

The more you knowthe more you grow

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Identify where to build or reduce Debt

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Create a plan for today that will benefit tomorrow

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Financial Goals

A plan with a destination will get to the goal

My Role

I am here to help you identify how you are using your money and develop financial goals. I use the Law of the seed to create a plan for your finanical life that matches who you are.

Do not go at this alone. Schedule an appointment with me today to make this process seemless. I am here to give you my expertise without the expectation of selling you a product.

This is what you will need...

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Laptop or computer access

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A quiet place to talk

talking about finances is very private. place yourself in an area that is free of distraction.

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Open mind

You can't change what you did not know. The future begins today.

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Show up no matter what

This may be hard, always show up and lets break down what your facing

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